Thursday, 6 January 2011

Welcome to 2011!

2010 ended on a high note. We spent the last week in lovely Corinthia by minus 15 degrees but sunny! It was a fantastic week!

Sadly on the first day 2011 - after taking some fantastic photos - our camera disappeared.

Like a cold wet facecloth in your face - waking you up into reality!

The last I remember using it was on the ski lift whilst taking snapshots of my sporty second half - who was skiing down the peak as I was comfortable sitting in the gondel:-)). Then we took the skiing equipment back, had something to eat and returned to the village to pack - ready to leave the next day. I have spent the last 3 days calling every possible place I could think of that I might have "lost" or "misplaced" it at, but now have to accept that it was probably stolen - right out of my pocket! I know I should not have kept it there but I wanted it ready at all times just in case!
The camera itself is relatively new but not in my opinion "worth much" as its just a compact standard digital type thingy. So not really a catch for a thief! What bugs me most is all the GBs of pics we have on there.

I know - I really should have downloaded them more often but be honest do you? I freak out at the idea of some stranger with all our holiday pics, family photos including christmas photos and videos, and some work pics. I have been having sleepless nights too - neurotic perhaps but then I tend to be when it comes to personal info. Now there is someone out there with 100s of photos of me and my family who can willingly do with them as they please. Lets just hope whoever took the camera just wipes the card clean and thats it! Why would anyone be so cruel as to steal a small family camera on holiday on the 1st of January. It is actually quite painful.
I suppose many of you out there will say : oh its just a camera you can replace it.
True, but I cant replace the pictures, neither can I replace the memories some already lost - it must be an age thing - grins. Also all the pictures of my beads I was meaning to download and never did. All gone!

So what have I learnt:
lesson one - download regularly
lesson two - dont trust anyone especially on holiday
lesson three - put camera in a safe place after using
lesson four - dont take it personally (I am sorry I have not learnt this yet! I am taking it personally coz its my photos!)

So guess who needs to save up for a new camera now - unless of course some miracle happens and either it pops up somewhere (already reported to the police) or one of our insurances pay (doubtful!)

Lets hope just gets better! it better!

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