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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mahoosiv! What to do with leftovers"

I am now the proud owner of a massive lentil press. Thanks to someone wonderful on the great FH forum who sold it to me! And after ripping open the box as it arrived today I was forced by the glass melting monsters to try it out, even though I am also almost empty on gas and it was the middle of the day! (I usually only torch at night when all other monsters are in bed sleeping)
I decided to use left over pieces of rod in order not to waste! lets call it recycling -
it was either that or turn them into frit!- I was afraid it would crack before I even finished. But look! And it survived and I am so proud...cant wait to get more gas now to make some more "leftover" mahoosiv beads! I especially love the red with the turquiose, as well as the reaction of the ivory on the turquiose.
Its not perfect :-)but a perfect start to a wonderful relationship with my new press!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Autumn Sunshine

Autumn has shown its loveliest side the last few days. Although I am sitting at home with some sniffles, it has been lovely to sit on the balcony and enjoy the sunrays. The dog is happy too because he doesnt have to wipe his paws off before coming in. Yesterday I tried making some of Jamie Olivers "easy peasy ginger beer" and it was rather delicious even though its not quite the same as the real thing.
I have also been spending some time on the weedkiller - (my torch!) and have been practising some stringer control and trying hard to get some beads to actually match! I have also been trying harder to make floral type beads and rolling some barrels.
My lil one asked me to make him a turtle/tortoise and I had so much fun making it that I had to make some more. He chose the first one I made though, probably felt how much love went into it.
My beads arent perfect but they are made with passion (I love making them, each and everyone!). Anyway I do feel that lampwork beads shouldnt be "perfect" as they end up looking like mass produced products. Its not an excuse for imperfection, just a point I feel needs to be made. Naturally I hope my skills will improve with practise and time yet if I wanted 10 beads to be exactly the same size shape and colour then I am probably better off buying them elsewhere...

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bead Blogs and Talent

So this is me, hidden from most of the world in a rather small village deep! well it feels like it somedays... in the forest, close to the Alps in Austria.
I am a mom, a wife, pet owner and a thinker (most will say a worrier!) and probably most exciting of all since the end of April, a hobby glass bead maker!
Whats this blog going to be about......not sure really but one word does come to mind...talent...
I believe each person is some way or another... so I will probably ramble on about that a bit in future. Maybe also bits and pieces about me and my family although I do admit I am quite a private person...and the internet is a vast rather scary place to be for a newbie, so I will take baby steps as far as that goes. But mostly it will be about beads, beadmaking, and all that...I suppose.....
I have finally made a few beads, well something that looks like they could be called that anyway.... and I will hope to update my flickr regularly so you can see the pics...