Monday, 27 September 2010

A long update!

Finally a breather and some time to sit down and write. I just realised its been jonks since I actually wrote anything on this blog! Considering its the only one I have its pretty embarrassing. Life doesnt seem to get very boring on my side. So I suppose I do have a bit of an excuse, I hope.

Well for those who are interested......

I am still messing around on my torch, although not as often as I would like to. This year has been crazy. We are still busy building, - a lifetime projekt now I think. And well then there are the day to day things that just never seem to get finished.
Finally just when I thought I was to have a breather, and a bit more time to torch - I landed at the bottom of the stairs spraining both my right foot, knee and right wrist amongst other things:-), no thanks to my dog who seems to eagerly want to be first when I now literally crawl down the tortoise mode! I need to add that this was only a few weeks after I had gotten a bit overdressed and actually wore high heels again and slipped on something slippery whilst shopping with dh and landed with my whole weight on my knee breaking a few fingernails in the process....dont laugh .......well you may - serves me right for wanting to put my weight on those far too dainty shoes I was wearing! The doc couldnt help grinning when I returned once again to have my foot x-rayed. Wonders what he will think if I showed him all my glassy burns...Yes I still seem to have the knack of touching hot stringers and putting my arm onto hot tools...then there is always the risk of shocky glass......too!

As for playing with glass:

I have still not managed a complete set of beads that match! Seems I will end up doing focals for a long time. The biggest problem I seem to have is boredom and size. Either I get bored making the same bead over and over or if I am using a technique I enjoy I never seem to get those beads the same size!

I have decided to set myself weekly or monthly projects....

either practising with a specific colour, technique, shape or idea.

It does help to keep me focused a little so that hopefully something will turn out that I can actually turn into something wearable/usable.

As my torch time is limited it seems I end up mostly with bead poop and one or two usable items. At least I have gone from wasting glass to using glass - grins.

Although admittedly I still feel very much a newbie. The addiction is still strong and I just never seem to run out of ideas to try out. There are so many wonderful glass colours I havent even got to order or try out yet, then there are those itty bitty frits that I adore and twisties and shards..... I have even managed to make some shards myself and something that can really be called a twisty!

I love stringer work! my absolute passion atm - although I hate hate hate pulling them.

Now what I really need to do is attempt to make decent pics and put some up this space...

have a nice day



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