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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mahoosiv! What to do with leftovers"

I am now the proud owner of a massive lentil press. Thanks to someone wonderful on the great FH forum who sold it to me! And after ripping open the box as it arrived today I was forced by the glass melting monsters to try it out, even though I am also almost empty on gas and it was the middle of the day! (I usually only torch at night when all other monsters are in bed sleeping)
I decided to use left over pieces of rod in order not to waste! lets call it recycling -
it was either that or turn them into frit!- I was afraid it would crack before I even finished. But look! And it survived and I am so proud...cant wait to get more gas now to make some more "leftover" mahoosiv beads! I especially love the red with the turquiose, as well as the reaction of the ivory on the turquiose.
Its not perfect :-)but a perfect start to a wonderful relationship with my new press!


  1. flipping heck thats huge guess it won't be a earring? it looks great

  2. Lol no! I wore it around my neck today and it was surprisingly comfortable. Big beads for big