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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bead Blogs and Talent

So this is me, hidden from most of the world in a rather small village deep! well it feels like it somedays... in the forest, close to the Alps in Austria.
I am a mom, a wife, pet owner and a thinker (most will say a worrier!) and probably most exciting of all since the end of April, a hobby glass bead maker!
Whats this blog going to be about......not sure really but one word does come to mind...talent...
I believe each person is some way or another... so I will probably ramble on about that a bit in future. Maybe also bits and pieces about me and my family although I do admit I am quite a private person...and the internet is a vast rather scary place to be for a newbie, so I will take baby steps as far as that goes. But mostly it will be about beads, beadmaking, and all that...I suppose.....
I have finally made a few beads, well something that looks like they could be called that anyway.... and I will hope to update my flickr regularly so you can see the pics...

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